Preliminary release: July 26, 2015
Director: Remo D’Souza
Production companies: UTV Movement Images, Wally Walt disney Pictur

No movie in Bollywood is ever finish without its discuss of music and dancing. Despite dancing being a fundamental element of any Bollywood movie, the paradox is that, there have been very few movies which have been created on dancing as the main concept. The modern periods have however experienced the ‘evolution’ of dancing as the main concept in Bollywood with Remo D’Souza’s ABCD – ANY BODY CAN DANCE that launched in 2013. This 7 days recognizes the follow up of the movie named ABCD – ANY BODY CAN DANCE 2. Will this follow up dancing its way into the minds and hearts of the viewers or will it come to be a movie with ‘two remaining feet’, let’s evaluate.

The movie begins off with Suresh aka Suru (Varun Dhawan) and Vinnie (Shraddha Kapoor)’s dancing troupe ‘Mumbai Stunners’ being disqualified in the dancing competitors ‘Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin’. The most judges purpose their disqualification in the competitors as coldly duplicating the dancing actions and goes of a Filipino dancing team. Before you know it, all the associates of ‘Mumbai Stunners’ get marked as ‘cheaters’ everywhere they go and also in their day to day lifestyles. The going gets so challenging that most of the associates even contact it leaves from the troupe. The universal taunt of being a ‘cheater’ begins echoing in Suresh’s thoughts all time. That’s why to be able to confirm himself and obtain the missing respect; he chooses to join in an ultra-prestigious international dancing competitors that is to be organised in Las Las vegas. It is out of genuine co-incidence that he ‘accidentally’ satisfies an alcohol Vishnu (Prabhu Dheva), whom he views as their only ray of desire to Las Las vegas. After much conviction, Vishnu chooses to choreograph ‘Mumbai Stunners’, who now have to obvious the nationwide tryouts that are being organised in Bangalore, to be able to join in the international tournament. As fortune would have it, Vishnu’s extreme coaching allows ‘Mumbai Stunners’ discover their way to Las Las vegas. It is here that the second 50 percent of the tale originates, which recognizes Vinnie poorly hurting her leg during the competitors, Vishnu’s invisible plan and many other factors. After all the highs and lows, ‘Mumbai Stunners’ handle to achieve the finals of the international dancing tournament, when disaster attacks the crew’s efficiency, thus amazing everyone existing there, such as the most judges. What is this disaster that attacks the ‘Mumbai Stunners’, what key is Vishnu concealing, do ‘Mumbai Stunners’ create Indian extremely pleased by successful the dancing tournament… is what the relax of the movie is all about.

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