Accidental Love


Accidental Love (2015)
Title:Accidental Love
Release Date:February 10th, 2015
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jessica Biel
James Marsden
Paul Reubens
Catherine Keener
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Director:David O. Russell
Writer:Kristin Gore, Matthew Silverstein, Dave Jeser, David O. Russell
Studio:Millennium Entertainment
Genre:Comedy, Romance

Accidental Really like Story Sammy Joyce, a culturally uncomfortable small-town associate, has a fingernail unintentionally taken into her go by a uncomfortable worker, eliciting crazy sex-related yearnings. The without insurance Joyce goes on a campaign to California to battle for the privileges of the bizarrely harmed. She satisfies an wrong representative (Gyllenhaal) who uses her sexual interest and capitalizes on her campaign as Joyce leads into her own profession in state policies. Based on the novel Sammy’s Mountain by Kristin Gore.

Alice’s perfect life is converted benefit down when a nut incident results in a fingernail filed in her go, resulting in irregular (and erotic) actions. After her fiancé phone calls off the involvement, Alice places off in search of a treat and drops into the hands of Howard Birdwell, a attractive senator who winners her cause. Captured up in an appreciation triangular organised together by a fingernail, will Alice pay attention to her go or her heart?