The Berlin file


The berlin file

Opens: Feb. 15

Production: Filmmaker R&K, CJ E&M

Cast: Ha Jung-woo, Ryoo Seung-bum, Han Suk-kyu, Gianna Jun, Kim Seo-hyung, Lee Geung-young, Bae Jung-nam

Director-writer: Ryoo Seung-wan

Producer: Kang Hye-Jung

Costume designer: Shin Ji-young

Editor: Kim Sang-Beom, Kim Jae-bum

Music: Cho Young-Wuk



The Berlin File swept away the box office as the biggest award ceremonies. It edged out spy movies like covertly and grandly to secure the fifth highest grossing film of 2013.

The Berling File was a super star cast movie. With lead as Ha Jung-woo taking away the best actor award at the 49th Baeksang Arts Awards while the film cinematographer won almost all the awards he was nominated in. It is one of the rare side to the award ceremonies and the film itself.

berlin file

The movie is a great blend of star cast and the production, which managed to bring out an exceptional movie to the world. It boasts an award worthy camerawork in the blockbuster action thriller.

The Berlin file shows how all the intelligence agencies get involved and misleads each other in many ways. It shows how to intelligence agencies get lost in pursuing their own goals. It’s all about spy vs spy and arms dealers throughout the movie where the hero and his wife are on the run.

Of course, there’s more to it, especially when South Korea’s National Intelligence Service, a group of easily misled and vaguely Middle Eastern terrorists on a revenge mission, and the CIA all get involved—though their ties to each other have a tendency to get lost in a plot that veers too close to convoluted as each separate agency pursues their own goals. It takes about one hour of spy vs. spy vs. arms dealer vs. who-are-these-people-again before the plot hones in on what will become the meat and potatoes of its character stew, with the hero and his wife on the run.