‘Beyond the Mask


Courtesy of ARC Entertainment
The Platform Line
Doesn’t do privileges to its important conventional subject matter
June 5 (ARC Entertainment)
Cuba Gooding Jr., Sharon Leal, Bob Rasche, Invoice Sadler, Bernhard Forcher
Peter Cousens
Production: Production One
Cast: Cuba Gooding Jr., Sharon Leal, Bob Rasche, Invoice Sadler, Bernhard Forcher, An – Sim credit cards, Eileen Goodwin, Terrence Mann, Phyllis Celebration, Phillip Boykin
Director: Frank Cousens
Screenwriter/producer: Jimmy A. Chey
Executive producers: Frank Cousens, Eileen Goodin, Cuba Gooding Jr.
Director of photography: Dean Cundey
Production designer: Steven Legler
Editor: Ray Hubley
Costume designer: Ciera Wells
Composer: David Lavino
Casting: Sig De Miguel, Stephen Vincent
Rated R, 95 min.
Don’t be amazed if you end up singing “Amazing Grace” after viewing Chris Cousens’ at the same time offered and overwrought religious-themed dilemma. Intertwining a imaginary tale of a group of slaves sensation Va via the Subterranean Railway with the real tale of David Newton, the servant deliver leader who experienced a problems of moral sense and went on to write the popular hymn, Independence is an extremely expressive movie session in record best suitable for cathedral and university categories.


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