Boarding House


Boarding House
2015 film
Initial release: February 25, 2015
Director: Kyeong Seok-Ho
Running time: 1h 34m
Genres: Erotica, Romance Film, Melodrama

Eun-gi’s eventful lifestyle in a getting on home has started with the three ladies:
a attractive proprietor of a getting on home, her little girl who is even hotter,
and his simple first really like. Eun-gi, a newcomer, has discovered his new position
in a getting on home managed by mom and little girl when he came to Seoul to research.
His only satisfaction is to perform along in the unmentioned push-and-pull connection
with the mom or the little girl. One day, his first really like, Soon-yi, who is simple
and docile, instantly comes to check out him at the getting on home. With the attractive
little girl of the getting on home behind the entrance, and the curvaceous woman proprietor
of the getting on home in the bathing space next to his space,
the 20-year-old virgin mobile Eun-gi’s sleep deprived evening starts.



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