‘Body builder’ movie review




The Base Line
One powerful efficiency isn’t quite enough to preserve this unevenly plotted and rather modest drama
Oct. 1 (in Italy and Belgium)
Vincent Rottiers, Yolin Francois Gauvin, Harbour Fois
Roschdy Zem
What if Arnie were your dad?

An ageing weightlifter tentatively reconnects with his small-time criminal of a son in Muscular builder, the third directorial attempt from France acting professional Roschdy Zem (The Cost of Popularity, Times of Glory). Like his previously projects behind the digicam, Bad Trust and Omar Murdered Me (the latter a 2012 Oscar nominee list nominee for Morocco), the film’s design is rather nondescript, forcing the tale and the reduced working-class figures middle level — even basically in the situation of the headline personality, an incredibly identified gym proprietor and separated former champ who’s coaching for a new geriatric weight training headline when his alienated mature son scrapes on his entrance, looking for a hideaway from some unpleasant thugs.

Though it provides another powerful display for the abilities of Vincent Rottiers (Renoir, Feelings Indigo), who performs the son, and a refreshingly non-judgmental look at a milieu mostly untouched in stories movies, the characteristics of the father-son dilemma are lastly too low-key to really make the film take a position out in a active area when it reveals regionally Oct. 1. Film week-type activities, more compact celebrations and tv stations are the likeliest takers overseas.{adinserter 1}Petty hustler Antoine (Rottiers), in his beginning 20s, is pressured by his mom (Dominique Reymond) and his more accountable mature sibling, Sam (Nicolas Duvauchelle), to shift from the banlieues of Lyon to St. Etienne, where his dad lifestyles, after getting into problems because of one of his bush-league techniques to make a fast European.


His old man, Vincent (Yolin Francois Gauvin), operates a gym in St. Etienne, almost an time southern, and very hesitantly confirms to take him in. It’s not so much the truth they haven’t seen each other for decades that concerns him but rather that the former weight training champ is so serious about his nutritional and coaching routine that no one, not even Vincent’s sweetheart, Lea (Marina Fois), is permitted to disturb him from his one objective for the next several of months: successful the top award in his next competition.