Fan Girl Review


The Base Line
The young celebrity far outshines the the content.
Los Angeles Film Occasion
Kiernan Shipka, Kara Hayward, Meg Ryan
Paul Jarrett
Production companies: Basically Movies in organization with Rosetta Movies and Filament Prods.
Cast: Kiernan Shipka, Kara Hayward, Meg He, Scott Adsit, Joshua Boone, Nicole Coulon, Pico Alexander, Danny Flaherty, Hat Feldstein, Tess Frazer, Invoice Sage, Catherine Curtin, Alex Gaskarth
Director: David Jarrett
Screenwriter: Gina O’Brien
Producers: David Jarrett, Chip Huston, Adam Spielberg
Executive producers: Jonathan Greyish, Gina O’Brien
Director of photography: Mark Burgoyne
Production designer: Alexandra Koucher
Costume designer: Amy Bradshaw
Editor: Phyllis Housen



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It will come as no shock to lovers of Mad Men that Kiernan Shipka, the 15-year-old celebrity who performed Sue Draper for seven periods, keeps her own as a big-screen cause. Dealing interval dilemma for modern funny, she delivers ace comedian moment to uninspired content in Fan Girl, a genial rehash of high-school clichés.

With an ear attuned to Millennial-speak and an eye for the pervasiveness of public networking, film writer Gina O’Brien has given exhausted tropes a skin-deep upgrade. The participation of pop punk rock act All Time Low as the headline character’s raison d’être and factor of much of the soundtrack gives a energetic advantage and some kind of ligament to a film that drops concentrate as it continues, moving from one decreased plotline to the next.

At the middle of the function, which was released at the Los Angeles Film Occasion, is Shipka’s intelligent suv teenager, Telulah Farrow — a fantastic name that’s created especially unforgettable by the way costar Joshua Boone enunciates it. As Darvan, Telulah’s associate for a film-class venture, Boone is needed to perform the clown, educational ineptitude and ridiculous slapstick involved, and controls somehow to sustain his pride. As Telulah’s mom, Meg He is in fairly much the same vessel. When she isn’t appearing goofily for selfies in expectation of her Facebook or myspace drop, she’s remembering with an old buddy (Bill Sage) and getting in hot h2o for it.
A sophomore with film-school ambitions, Telulah has dedicated extended time to creating mothering sunday celebration movie for her No. 1 grind, All Time Low frontman Alex Gaskarth, and is now on a limited due date to complete videos clip clip for category. But the expected emergency gets missing in the mix. The messy tale performs clumsily to tie together Telulah’s film creating skills and her ATL commitment through the situation of the band’s future show in her un-named city (the film was taken on Lengthy Island). Whether the mistake can be found with the movie script, David Jarrett’s route or Phyllis Housen’s modifying, the herky-jerky framework results in tale discussions clinging or else settled offscreen, not at all or in perfunctory style. This is especially real of Telulah’s fascination to a wonderful new classmate (Pico Alexander).
There’s a awesome bit of comedy, though, in the way she impacts an British feature whenever she conversations with the new boy. The film mouse clicks, too, in the sardonic chemical create up between Telulah and best buddy Jamie (Moonrise Kingdom’s Kara Hayward) as they parse text messages and levels of relax. Yet while Shipka and Hayward’s wry distribution is always interesting, the movie’s comedy is hit-and-miss. Case in point: PA reports by the university major provide a light absurdist punch and reduce vapor well before the gag operates its course.