Frontera movie



Frontera movie 
Frontera movie Release Date:
September 5th, 2014
Frontera movie Starring:
Ed Harris Ed Harris
Michael Peña Eileen Peña
Eva Longoria Eva Longoria
Amy Madigan Amy Madigan
Aden Younger Aden Young
Frontera movie Director:
Michael Berry
Frontera movie Writer:
Michael Berries, Louis Moulinet
Frontera movie Studio:
Magnolia Pictures
Frontera movie Genre:
Frontera movie Official,
Frontera movie Rating: for assault along with a sex-related attack, and brief powerful language
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Frontera Story In the line of thinking of Visitors and Babel, Frontera is set in the risky place between the U. s. Declares and South america. After traversing the boundary unlawfully for perform, Miguel (Michael Pena), a hard-working dad and dedicated spouse, discovers himself unlawfully charged of killing a former sheriff’s (Ed Harris) spouse. After studying of his jail time, Miguel’s expecting spouse (Eva Longoria) tries to come to his aid and areas in the arms of damaged coyotes who keep her for ransom. Disappointed with the cops department’s research, the former cops tries to locate the fact about his wife’s loss of life and discovers distressing proof that will eliminate one family’s upcoming, or split another’s apart.