The Houses October Built


the Bottom Line
Forget the snacks, this one’s all tricks
Opens: Oct. 10 (RLJ Entertainment)
Brandy Schaefer, Zack Andrews, Bobby Roe, Mikey Roe, Mark Larson
Bobby Roe

A number of Florida excitement hunters goes on the road in search of the most terrifying of Hallow’s eve haunted homes in writer-director-star Bobby Roe’s found-footage scary trip. Offhandedly created and indifferently served, this underachieving documentary-style feature should benefit mainly from digital types.{adinserter 4}


A number of five 30ish friends sets off from the area of Tyler, TX on an Oct 2013 journey imagined and organized by Zack (Zack Andrews) to movie their encounters at the most excessive haunted house destinations in the area. Also adding into a leased RV for the journey are aloof wise-ass Bobby (Roe), RV car owner Mark (Jeff Larson), digital camera owner and high quality Mikey (Mikey Roe) and symbol babe Brandy (Brandy Schaefer). Their competitive techniques breaking through and shooting at discreet places said to be risky or even criminal in characteristics earn them the bitterness of a number of “scare actors” who continuously convert up to frighten them at subsequent prevents on their journey.

As most of Zack’s team starts to lose passion for the sport after long evenings discovering scary Hallow’s eve enjoyment places amongst growing doubts they’re being followed by a number of competitive gurus, Zach demands that they media on with their pursuit as he accumulates information on an subterranean event known as the “Blue Bones.” An unusual invites to experience the threatening mobile bother guides them to New Orleans’ crazy Whiskey Street Hallow’s eve party party, where some remarkably unpleasant excitement wait for.{adinserter 4}

Trading on city stars concerning Hallow’s eve destinations that cause concrete risks to participants’ safety and may even include intended unlawful or occult actions, the filmmakers attempt to provide some life into their dubiously slim story by series taken at actual haunted homes that benefit more intricate surprise techniques. Frighten stars and enjoyment providers also convert up for news-footage design on-camera discussions to talk about their often vaguely articulated inspirations, along with some of their unusual encounters in the business.

The story material stringing these series together, mostly limited to the RV and curbside cafes, is far more reality TV-inspired than anything similar to full-blown story stories. The stars, playing themselves, can only be said to be executing in the sense that they’re enacting a semi-imaginary situation. Manufacturing quality hardly techniques micro-budget requirements.