Howling, a film from officially settled Korean executive and an artist Ha Yoo best known to us for his movies Once Upon a Time In High School and A Dirty Carnival.This time he takes a jump from his most loved show class to a thriller riddle.

A prepared investigator Sang-Kill (Kang-ho Song) willing for a huge case to hurry his advancement, gets relegated to examine what has all the earmarks of being a suicide without anyone else’s input immolation. Unwillingly he is banded together with the tenderfoot female criminologist Eun-Young (Na-Yeong Lee) who is hated in this male predominant police unit. It is later figured out that that the casualty of flame had tremendous nibble stamps on his body, that look like canine or a wolf, and when further examination uncovers more murders done in comparable way it gets to be hazy who and how is conferring these killings. Both cops are dead set to settle this puzzle.

This motion picture Howling likewise touches on ladies rights in South Korea, and call attention to’s that there are still issues here even today, where man frequently in light of partiality decline to acknowledge ladies into their calling.


There are parts of this motion picture Howling that I think are completely futile fill no need and are simply senseless in their appearance (an insight for the individuals who will watch it – cruiser). However, they are not very many and not import to general motion picture.

Revised Romanization Haulling
McCune–Reischauer Haŏulring
Directed by Yoo Ha
Produced by Lee Tae-hun
Written by Yoo Ha
Based on The Hunter
by Asa Nonami
Starring Song Kang-ho
Lee Na-young
Music by Kim Jun-seok
Cinematography Gong Pyeong-jae
Edited by Park Gok-ji
Opus Pictures
Film Poeta
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
United Pictures
Release dates
  • February 9, 2012
Running time 114 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Budget ₩7.0 billion
Box office ₩11,765,039,500