Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (2015)


Kidnapping Mr. Heineken (2015)


Release Date:March 6th, 2015
Sam Worthington
Jim Sturgess
Anthony Hopkins
Ryan Kwanten
Jemima West
Director:Daniel Alfredson
Writer:William Brookfield, Peter R. de Vries
Genre:Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Runtime:1 hour 35 minutes
Kidnapping Mr. Heineken Plot
In 1983, a number of child years buddies drawn off the criminal activity of the century: kidnapping one of the wealthiest men on the globe, the heir of the Heineken alcohol kingdom (Anthony Hopkins). The surprising capture–by gunpoint in wide sunlight on the roads of Amsterdam–resulted in the biggest ransom ever compensated for a kidnapped personal. It was truly the best crime…until they got away with it. Depending on a real tale, Kidnapping Mr. Heineken also celebrities Anthony Hopkins, Sam Worthington, Jim Sturgess and He Kwanten.

In 1983, a small-time range of Nederlander criminals led by Willem Holleeder drawn off a foolhardy abduction of Heineken alcohol tycoon Freddy Heineken. Well, they kind of drawn it off. They got their cash (35 thousand guilders, about $20 million), and then everything went to terrible.

Now Daniel Alfredson, home of two of the three awesome Remedial modifications of Stieg Larsson’s Lady trilogy, as well as the relevant Millennium sequence, is guiding Kidnapping Mr. Heineken from the out-of-print guide by Chris R. de Vries. Anthony Hopkins is our alcohol tycoon, and Sam Worthington performs Holleeder, with Jim Sturgess, He Kwanten, Indicate van Eeuwen and Johnson Cocquerel becoming a member of his team.

I’m into it! I like this tale. I appreciate that all the personality titles are precise. The trailer’s pretty interesting. This poster, though.