Killing Time


ProdLaberintouction companies: Matar el Tiempo, La Canica Films, Kaliu y
Cast: Ben Temple, Yon Gonzalez, Aitor Luna, Esther Mendez, Luisa Martin, Frank Feys
Movie director, screenwriter: Antonio Hernandez
Manufacturers: Beatriz Bodegas, Ramiro Acero
Director of photography: Javier Salmones
Development designer: Pepe Dominguez
Costume designer: Cristina Martin
Manager: Lucas Noya
Composers: Antonio Galeano, Luis Ivers

The movies of maverick Language movie home Antonio Hernandez can be separated perfectly into the groups of very good and very bad, with Eliminating Time an example of the former. A obvious respect to another home with the name AH, this is a intelligent modern product which begins out by asking exciting concerns about when voyeurism should become participation, later devolving into a conventional if efficient noirish story of a man enduring on his senses. Presenting a active, messed up main efficiency by Ben Forehead that goes a long way to making up for its issues, Time should get to make a killing on the independent event routine.
The precredits display on-the-road business owner John (Temple, a Spain-based U.S. actor) creating conference with an on the internet companion, flashing-eyed Sara (Esther Mendez), from a The city resort. In Italy to review a financial institution, he is journeying with the far more gregarious Nicholas (Frank Feys). Back in the U.S., John has problems: a wheelchair-bound, catatonic mom, perfectly counterpointed by his on the internet connection with the brilliant Sara; a punky, edgy teenager daughter; a terrible backstory; and a feeling of shame about how short time period his job allows him to invest with what continues to be of his family members.