Kumari 21F Review and Rating


Leading director Sukumar turning producer to make concept based movies with upcoming talent was welcomed by all in the movie industry. His first movie Kumari 21F starring Raj Tharun who has given two hits in a row has generated great expectations.

Rating : 3.5/5


It is all about the story of youngsters…

Kumari (Hebbah), a model working in ads and films, is a bold girl who comes to Hyderabad from Mumbai and lives in a middle-class colony with her ailing grandfather.

The local boy Siddhu (Raj Tharun), who aspires to settle in Singapore as chef, meets her accidentally one night. On the very first meet, she proposes him and kisses him.

Siddhu lives with his mother as his father left her for another woman. In the beginning, Siddhu likes Kumari’s boldness but due to his three friends who are rowdies and also petty thieves, he doubts Kumari’s character.

A girl who is model and bold can be virgin, can she not have romantic past with others, he starts doubting. Further, she rejects his love saying he has not matured enough to love her. What happens then? Girl faces problems with his friends rest of the story is all about how the girl will escape from them?How does Siddhu cope with this?

About Hero :

Raj Tharun who has already proved his acting skills in his last two movies comes up with another good performance. Maturity was seen with his emotional acting..

About Heroine :

Heebah Patel satisfied her role in this movie with her character.She is very bold in appearance and also has good acting skills. As mischievous girl with modern outlook, Hebbah gives her best..


  • Raj Tarun
  • Music
  • Youthful story which connects this generation
  • Different concept
  • Songs and Visuals
  • Good performances
  • Second half
  • Climax


  • Few Comedy Scenes in First Half
  • Little Bit drag in Second Half
  • Some scenes are too awkward

Analysis :

Sukumar, the writer, has always picked up unusual storylines that are quite different from the regular setup. Though he has not directed this movie, as writer of the movie he does the same – taking up a bold concept. The story as well as the screenplay is quite different from the regular style with very bold content.

The hero is representative of most men who wants his lover be a ‘virgin’. Conflict of these ideologies is presented by Sukumar in his quirky and daring method, which some may digest easily and it might not go well with others.

Starting off as adult teenage love story with loads of dialogues on female body and sex, the movie slowly picks up the momentum post interval and ends up as completely different matured story. The beginning of the movie is too bold, but the reason for the heroine’s behavior is explained later as the movie progresses.

All in all, Kumari 21F will connect with youth and the people who like to see bold content..
Bottomline: Different Attempt…

Kumari 21F Review and Rating
Kumari 21F Review and Rating