Loukyam Movie




Preliminary release: Sept 26, 2014
Director: Sriwass
Music consisting by: Anoop Rubens
Genres: Tollywood, Globe cinema


A purpose why Brahmanandam has so powerfully enjoyed himself to the viewers, of delayed, is that he gives release to the latter’s feelings/frustrations like no other personality. At one factor in this movie where the distinction between bad guy and comic is blurry, Sippy the Brahmi says to the second most essential personality of the movie, “You are a jaffa” (or something to this effect). Unnecessary to say, a movie where such an essential personality chides his single sis for becoming expecting in the existence of his henchman, and goes forward with the clever hero’s remedy obviously because he wants to, surprisingly, protected respect can only be known as a senseless performer.

There is this lady, the extremely pleased sis of a terrifying mobster who wants to offend our idol because he doesn’t gush over her determine. She walking up to him in a tiny clothing, says that she is a babe and even shows him of whose sis she is. Effect: She finishes up looking like a vamp instead of a heroine. As for the mobster, he hardly happiness and so we have to believe that the home programs to represent him as a bad guy and not a funny bad guy. The non-comedy foolish bad guy, who is Warangal’s worry, can’t capture the individual he is looking for even though he has got the cellphone number!

Then there is a whole environment designed on the fundamentals of the only oldies that our authors seem to know: Gudumba Shankar, Dhee, Prepared, Aata, Denikaina Prepared and Doosukeltha.

Of course, the only continuous aspect – whether it is dual entendre, funny, romantic endeavors, foolish villainy, activity, songs or even end attributes – is Brahmanandam. The only two locations where Brahmi is not seen is in two of the film’s most tedious areas – Censor Panel certification and duets.

Venky (Gopichand) considers in using techniques to get factors done. He comically runs away Babjee’s (Sampath) sis while she is planning a wedding. After getting out of to Hyderabad, he lumps into Chandra Kala (Rakul Preet), understanding complete well that she is the sis of a callous goon. After being smacked by a idol who considers that ladies have to be delicate, she drops in really like with Venky after executing an SRK ‘feat’.

Venky however can’t desire to get wedded to Chandra Kala, as her sibling her other programs.

The first is loaded with nothing more than a sequence of gags where nobody, except the idol, uses their minds. The actions of Babjee creates it obvious what is going to be in shop in the second 50 percent. With Brahmi unintentionally seeing all the incorrect moments, he encourages problems upon himself. Along with Chandra Mohan (who is Puppy), Sippy and Dog attack a better chemical create up that the cause couple.

The technological principles are sub-par and the movie script is not able to package the impact. A heroine can’t create a relaxed appearance even though she considers that her man may never be seen!

There are quick flashes of creativeness here and there and that’s the advantage of having Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan and Sridhar Sipana in the composing division. Prithvi Raj as a tv artiste is effective. The dialogues are funny here and there.

Gopichand in the part of a thoughts activities gamer attacks the note for his lovers, but he hardly is praiseworthy in a rom-com like this one. Rakul Preet will be kept in thoughts for providing a firm competitors to her idol in looking high. Sampath is schedule and others are basically there going over the top. Hamsa Nandini sizzles in an all-family product songs.