Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder
Memories of Murder

Memories of Murder

Directed by Bong Joon-ho
Produced by Cha Seung-jae
Written by Bong Joon-ho
Shim Sung-bo
Based on Memories of Murder
by Kim Kwang-rim
Starring Song Kang-ho
Kim Sang-kyung
Kim Roi-ha
Park Hae-il
Byun Hee-bong
Music by Tarō Iwashiro
Cinematography Kim Hyung-ku
Edited by Kim Sun-min
CJ Entertainment
Sidus Pictures
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release dates 2 May 2003
Running time 127 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Budget US$2.8 million[1


Memories of Murder
Memories of Murder

In October 1986, a young person is discovered assaulted and killed in a trench close to a field. Before long, a lady is discovered attacked and murdered in a field. Nearby analyst Park Doo-man, not having managed such a genuine case in the recent past, is overpowered when the key proof is dishonorably gathered. the police investigative strategies are suspect, and their scientific innovation is close to non-existent. Criminologist Seo Tae-Yoon is sent from Seoul to support them; their techniques conflict and he is not able to persuade them they are managing a serial executioner until his forecasts of an alternate homicide work out as expected. He understands that the executioner holds up until a blustery night and just executes ladies wearing red. A female cop understands that a neighborhood radio station is constantly asked to play a specific tune amid the evenings the killings are submitted.

While Seo researchers try to sort out the intimations, Park, and his men beat admissions out of a nearby man discovered at the scene of one wrongdoing, and a scarred rationally incapacitated kid whom they undermine to slaughter, set so far as to make him cause his downfall. Seo clears both of those associates and takes a trail with signs to a good looking assembly line laborer who had just moved to the territory a brief time before the first murder. The investigators are not able to stick anything on him when they understand that the debilitated kid saw one of the unlawful act and they attempt to identify him, they terrify him so seriously that he runs before an approaching train and kills himself.

One more alternate homicide is conferred, and DNA proof sent for handling in the United States returns uncertain, Seo’s disappointments stream over, and he snaps. He flies into an anger and roughs up the assembly line laborer. just Park prevents Seo from shooting the suspect.

At last, the criminal acts stay unsolved. Going to the wrongdoing scene after years of the act in 2003, Park Doo-man, now an agent,  finds a young lady at the scene where the murder had been taken place. The young lady had asked him for what valid reason that man was taking a gander at a channel (from the scene of the second murder, which is demonstrated toward the begin of the film), and he enlightened her that he was thinking back concerning something he did there quite a while before.