Most popular celebrity couple in korea


1.Lee Byung-hun & Lee Min-jung:
Before capturing a making journey to Florida, Lee Byung Hun took to be able to attraction not only to the community, but to his spouse. Apparently, he seemed “thinner than usual” as he mentioned, “I’m sorry to everyone who got frustrated in me and am regretful. I’m especially sorry to my spouse and family associates. I will do their best to create up for the discomfort I’ve triggered my spouse.”


According to his organization, BH Enjoyment, Lee Byung Hun has an image capture and other “pre-arranged schedules” to be existing at to in Florida with no set come returning time frame. So far regarding the blackmail situation itself, the first test took position on Oct 16, where design Lee Ji Yeon presented new information of the claimed connection she had with Lee Byung Hun. His spouse, Lee Min Jung, has been remaining at her parents’ house since information of the scandal split. Gossips that she only goes outside for work-related activities have been creating news.This will create the second apology Lee Byung Hun has created to the community and his family associates. The first apology was through a correspondence published on Facebook or myspace.

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My viewpoint is this: If he were going to create a community apology by way of journalists and press sites, he would have done so already. The first apology, which was a hand-written correspondence submitted on Facebook or myspace, was just a way to obtain community feeling. This new apology comes only 4 times after the test starts and basically at manchester international terminal where he has to capture a journey to San diego. Now, in my globe of advertising and rotating a tale, the apology was organized as a way not to frustrated lovers with getting off during such a serious issue. Just capturing a journey overseas without saying anything creates him look like he’s getting the issue “lightly,” so of course he had to say something before making to demonstrate recognition of his activities. Besides, how do you have “pre-arranged schedules” but no set come returning date? Completely exciting.

It has been verified that superstar Han Hye Jin and her spouse, football gamer Ki Sang Yueng, are anticipating their very first kid together.

wedding5On Feb 22, a associate of the actress’s organization, Namoo Stars, exposed to TV Review, “It is real that Han Hye Jin is anticipating. She is in the starting levels of her maternity. It is a issue for congratulation.”

This will be the Han Hye Jin and Ki Sang Yueng couple’s new pleasant a kid, one season and seven several weeks after planning a wedding in This summer of 2013.

The organization rep ongoing, “Han Hye Jin is currently not in Britain, but in The philipines. However, we do not know where she will be remaining from now on. She will choose that for herself.”

Speculations that the superstar was expecting started to appear after her football gamer spouse obtained a objective during the 2014-15 Leading Group Swansea vs. Birmingham U. s. coordinate on this day. As a objective wedding, he trapped his thumbs in his oral cavity, which lovers contact the ‘baby container wedding,” displaying that the athlete’s spouse is anticipating.
3.Seo Tai-ji & Lee Eun-sung

K-pop tale Seo Taiji lastly split his quiet on Wed, making obvious his position amongst increasing debate after his former spouse, superstar E Ji-ah created feedback on their wedding on a TV display.

imagesOn Thursday, E exposed her aspect of the tale about her wedding to Seo, most of which has been invisible behind a veil of secrecy.

On the TV discuss display “Healing Camping,” E admitted that the two dropped in really like after they first met at show in the U.S. E discussed how alone her lifestyle was as she had to keep their wedding key for Seo, concealing it from their loved ones.

As Seo came under increasing stress from his lovers for an description, he clarified his position in an argument, two times after E’s admission.

“Regarding E’s feedback about Seo, they weren’t all real and rumors are overall look, so I want to get the important points directly,” Seo said in an argument through his control organization.

According to the information launch, Seo first met Lee in 1993, but they wedded four decades later when Lee was qualified for wedding.

Seo and E had their parents’ authorization to tie the troubles, just like any other common several, compared with E’s statements that they were concealing it even from their loved ones.

The couple journeyed, went purchasing and had supper out while residing in the U.S. They also welcomed their family and buddies over to their house to invest a while together, Seo stated.

Seo had stayed quiet because he aspects E’s discomfort and seems some liability for their distributed previous. But information should not be controlled and altered any longer, he determined.

Seo and E were privately wedded for nine decades from 1997, but separated in 2006. Their wedding came to mild this season as E registered for a multimillion-dollar agreement.

Seo, 42, lately wedded superstar Lee Eun-sung in 2013 and the several have a kid on the way.

Seo came out in 1992 as a participant of K-pop boy group Seo Taiji and Guys. Since the megahit team disbanded in 1998, he has followed individual activities as a stone artist. He is to come returning to the songs field with his 9th record around mid-October.

E, 36, came out as an superstar in 2007 with the dilemma “The Legend.” She has since attracted eager interest for her doll-like overall look and competent performing while featuring in several tv reveals. She lately finalized a agreement with a manufacturing organization to first overall look as a film writer in The show biz industry.


MC Kim Je Dong started out the conversation by saying, “There are factors that individuals say. They say you captured him with cash. One gossip says that you are a experienced lady so you can basically protected him a excellent upcoming.”

imagesTo this, Baek Ji Younger included, “A gossip that he observed was ‘She purchased him a car.’ There was even one that stated I had purchased him everything, even outfits.”

A concept directly from Jung Seok Won himself was then exposed by MC Sang Yu Ri.

“Actually, we battled a lot in the starting of our connection. I really disliked referring to how big or little our earnings were because of my pleasure. Even if I was just a novice performing professional returning then, whenever I obtained something from Baek Ji Younger I stored my last pieces of cash to provide her a existing value twice as much,” the performing professional admitted, and included, “There was even a moment when I purged my consideration of cash after getting two sets of footwear from her.”


“I had no concept my provides provided him that much fear. He blessed me a bag after I provided him the footwear, and that’s when I experienced how pressured he was. He believes it is embarrassing to get a existing from a lady. If I provide him a existing value 50,000 won (~ 50 USD), he seems he has to buy me something value 100,000 won (~ 100 USD),” Baek Ji Younger said.

Finally, the MCs revealed the last concept loaded with heart-warming terms from Jung Seok Won to his spouse, “When I think of you discussing these disturbing activities on a TV display, my center starts to harm. I know you are struggling the most. The only factor I could do was to act like nothing ever occurred. Getting over this occurrence has created us nearer and really like each other more, which I am grateful for. Even if we become mother and father later on, the kid we missing will always be with us.”
5.Shin Hyun-joon

Wonder Girls‘ participant Sunye amazed lovers nowadays with a correspondence published on the group’s fancafe. In the correspondence, Sunye declares that she and her spouse will keep for Haiti in This summer and stay there for about five decades.

images (1)Sunye declares she is composing the correspondence because her route in lifestyle has become more certain. She then thanks her team associates, the organization employees, and Wonder Girls’ lovers to make previous times seven decades of her profession complete of really like and amazing encounters. Sunye describes that after she surpassed over to The united declares, she was able to have a opportunity to think over many factors in her lifestyle, such as the factors she was interested about. During that period, she was given the opportunity to offer in Haiti and invest a life-changing 7 days there.

Sunye describes she seems humiliated about only concentrating on individual achievements when there are so many individuals in Haiti who are passing away without having observed the Gospel. Thus, she had made the decision to concentrate her lifestyle on providing the Gospel to the individuals on the globe who haven’t observed it. This objective had become more certain to her after her wedding and giving birth, so she will now set up a missionary NGO with her spouse and begin the second section of her lifestyle. As for her superstar position, her upcoming activities will be an expansion of that objective.

Sunye finishes the correspondence by saying thanks to the Wonder Girls’ associates, the organization employees, and the lovers for knowing and assisting her choice. She contributes that she will try to generate the knowing of those who are frustrated with her choice by displaying how she is residing her lifestyle carefully.

In reaction to public’s concerns regarding Sunye’s choice and Wonder Girls’ upcoming, JYP Enjoyment mentioned to Celebrity News that Sunye’s choice to go to Haiti does not mean that the Wonder Ladies are disbanding. Sunye hasn’t remaining the team, and it is possible that “Sunye will come returning to The philipines for a while” during the next five decades. It also mentioned to Osen that nothing about Wonder Girls’ upcoming has been set in stone yet.

JYP Enjoyment also exposed that Sunye lately shot a restaurant professional to use all the earnings for her NGO (Whitestone Global) and offer perform.
12929-hzzk1v7rxzEntertainer Lol and his spouse (and singer) Byul recognized their son’s first wedding with a conventional “Dol” celebration.

A image of the satisfied family associates and a popular visitor was distributed on piano player Yoon Han‘s Tweets consideration. With the image he had written, “Congratulations.” In the image we see Lol with the mic, Byul having their son, and Yoo Jae Suk on the other aspect also having a mic. The celebration designs recommend a exotic Jamaican concept and aspect of a advertising that says “Happy Birthday Dream” can be seen (Ha Desire is the name of their son). It seems that “Nation’s MC” Yoo Jae Suk was a unique visitor as this celebration.