Odd Thomas


Odd Thomas china movie
The Base Line
Enjoyable but unlikely to create a new pulpy series.
Friday, Feb 28 (Image Entertainment)
Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin, Willem Dafoe, Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Stephen Sommers


Young Interim Professional performs the eponymous character (yes, ” Odd ” is his first name ) , a fry cook in the unambitious imaginary city Florida Pico Mundo (played here by Santa Fe, New Mexico ) . All is well in the world Odd ‘s : it has a gorgeous girlfriend and adoring, Rainy (Addison Timlin is a little too is beautiful in part), he is a celebrity stone grid illustrating a loyal meal the morning. More importantly, the primary local cops ( Willem Dafoe ) do not think he’s crazy when he ceases his supernatural gifts area in the center of secrets.
( Sommers the requirement for regular schedule ” in the history of the origin” , with help of figures who have consumed that gets Odd journeys of the deceased – . Often those who met and aggressive play need his help providing murderers rights as fans restarts superhero know , the roots are often the best part of the story . ) Problem is when Odd begins to see colonies ” Bodachs ” scary monsters that are transparent attracted by the future functions of aggression. the number and enjoyment of animals ( which are of course invisible to everyone ) indicates that something really terrible will happen in Pico Mundo , and Odd effect is avoided .


This is where the film program has a certain : despite the many problems of telephone calls and news brings Odd and Rainy hand on cops and tic- tac features – clock risk they discover, we designed to believe that the chief Porter continues to go home between red signals with fun night with her husband . When the phone jewelry for the third time in mid- novel, hesitant participation Porter does not indicate his confidence always has the right of Odd . This schedule coitus interruptus – is absolutely designed as comfort actor, but it provides completely deflate what stress of the film produced . In the same way are disappointing voiceovers several holes complete with tales inexpensive ” this is what happened ” description.
Tech principles generally outweigh the program feel rushed , and cast and crew produce a pleasant sensation in the communal area of ​​Odd . Odd Johnson not only to keep us with great desire to return.