Oka Laila Kosam (2014)



Oka Laila Kosam is a Telugu film which is directed by K.Vijay Kumar.This film was Created by Nagarjuna under his own banner i.e Annapurna Studios. Naga Chaitanya and Pooja Hegde were the lead positions. Anoop Rubens did songs for this film. Oka Laila Kosam Movie finished the censor requirements and was delayed due to some techical issues. This film got U/A Certification.This film has several of mature humor and loving moments between the cast.Oka laila kosam is launched in 650 Cinemas in Nizam/AP areas and 800 theaters globally.

Headline : Oka Laila Kosam (2014)
Star Throw : Naga Chaitanya , Pooja Hegde
Director : Vijay Kumar Konda
Producer : Akkineni Nagarjuna
Music : Anoop Rubens
Released on : Oct 17, 2014.

Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Pooja Protect, Sayaji Shinde, Ali, Satyam Rajesh, Madhunandan, Vennela Kishore, Bharath Reddy, Seafood Venkat, Shyamala, Bhargavi, Annapurna, Sudha, Rohini etc {adinserter 4}The basic assumption and alignment of this movie reminds us of Super duper hit movie Kushi. The tale is wafer slim. The tale operates on the basis that heroine misunderstands Hero and the movie ends when the misconception is eliminated. The two best pigeons in the logo of the movie has a lot of importance to the tale. A grasping movie direction and a lots of miracle minutes are needed for such a tale to perform at every level. The concept of labeling a star is very creative. The movie director has made sure that the movie is targeted at two styles – youngsters and close relatives crowd. The movie program should have been better in the second 50 percent. Some of the moments added to improve the movie program look synthetic. If you are a fan of Akkineni Nageswara Rao songs, you get to listen to the Songs.{adinserter 4}

Oka Laila Kosam Movie review Other departments: Anup Rubens has given elegant music. Music is good. Cinematography is vibrant, thanks to adequate DI. Dialogues are okay. Production principles by Annapurna companies is excellent.

Oka Laila Kosam Analysis: Oka Laila Kosam is a kind of program that works only with miracle minutes and a grasping movie program. Some of the minutes in the movie are excellent. But an interesting movie program requires for the second 50 percent to perform well. The ejaculation of the movie is nice. Plus points of the movie are Naga Chaitanya and Pooja Hegde. The success of the movie relies on how youngsters and close relatives crowd accept it.

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