Old Boy


Josh Brolin in Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy

Directed by Spike Lee,
Produced by Roy Lee,
Doug Davison,
Nathan Kahane
Starring Elizabeth Olsen,
Sharlto Copley
Release dates November 27, 2013
Running time 104 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $30 million
Box office $4.7 million

The old boy lead character Joe was an alcoholic advertising executive in 1993. He Hits on his clients girlfriend and lost deal. He Drinks a lot on the same day on his loss and goes unconscious. When he wakes up he finds himself locked up in a room.

He is framed for rape and murder of his own wife. When he is not found his daughter gets adopted. In the next 20 years he gives up drinking which was provided for him to keep his mind in proper shape during captivity. He watches boxing matches on the TV in the room and becomes a tough boxer. He keeps on writing letters to his daughter. He has only one goal left in his life that is to take revenge on the person who is involved in his tragedies. He Plans for revenge all the time in his captivity.

After many years he gets released in side a box on the street. He tracks the place he was kept in just by accident. When he is in a restaurant he finds the food was same as the food he was getting in the captivity.

Adrian was the master mind who brought the misery in to Joe’s life. He also plays many games. When Joe finds truth that his girlfriend was his own daughter he gives up he breaks down. It was designed by Adrian as a part of his revenge. Joe was the reason his sister had to commit suicide.

Joe begs for death when he goes to meet Adrian where he comes to know he was the reason for Adrian’s sister’s death. Adrian forgives Joe and gives diamonds and commits suicide. Joe leaves his daughter for ever after giving diamonds to her. Joe Goes back to captivity for the rest of his life.

The old boy grossed $4,861,022 worldwide which made it one of the most successful movies.