Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


Title:Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
Release Date:April 17th, 2015
Kevin James

Raini Rodriguez

Eduardo Verástegui
Daniella Alonso

Neal McDonough

Director:Andy Fickman
Writer:Nick Bakay, Kevin James
Studio:Sony Pictures

Paul Blart: Purchasing mall Cop 2 Tale In this follow up, in which Kevin Wayne reprises the part of John Blart, the protection officer is advancing to Las Las vegas to be present at a Security Secure Expo with his young little girl She (Raini Rodriguez) before she leaves for higher education. While at the conference, he unintentionally finds a heist – and it’s up to Blart to catch the scammers.
You didn’t think you had seen the last of John Blart, did you? You just believed that one film about an obese, super-intense shopping mall protection officer was enough for a lifetime? Think again. Because this is The show biz industry, we were assured to get another story about the nation’s toughest operating man in red (?) and Blart is returning with the same humor just in a new establishing.
Paul Blart: Purchasing mall Cop (33%) but created over $180 thousand at the box workplace. It’s that variety that provides as the only purpose a second film was created. The first was a large money-maker, pandering to some pretty low denominators looking for fun, but crazy enough for children or grownups that are a lot like children. So John Blart is returning, and now he’s going on holiday pattern of follow up we see often. Take the same personality and same common assumption, but now put him in a new establishing. Run out most of the same humor as the first one, but now it’s in Las vegas baby!


Kevin Wayne co-wrote the follow up, and it’s instructed by Andrew Fickman. Fickman’s continue flows in range with this present film, wearing headings like She’s the Man (43%), You Again (17%), Parent Assistance (18%) and Competition to Wizard Hill (43%) – all entirely forgettable films that were mild on the fun and large on the hokey.

Kevin James’ filmography looks much the same, with just about everything he does not performing too well in critics’ sight. But these people do one factor well: switching a cash and their films are usually successful. That informs the whole story with something like John Blart. It doesn’t need to be excellent. It just needs to create the natural, and it will.