Pitch Perfect 2


Initial release: May 14, 2015 (Netherlands)
Director: Elizabeth Banks
Prequel: Pitch Perfect
Music composed by: Mark Mothersbaugh
Language: English
Anna Kendrick needs a little guarantee in the first of four sections for Concept Ideal 2, and it seems that her co-star Insurgent Wilson has more then enough to additional. The Barden Bellas are coming back july in one of the times most predicted sequels. Not only do we get a exclusive look with these four insane and inspired minutes, we also get to go behind-the-scenes with the toss and team.

Elizabeth Banking organizations makes her directorial first overall look with Concept Ideal 2, while also reprising her fan-favorite aspect as an a’ cappella evaluate. In this latest look at the set, she shows how complex it was to balance both projects at the same time. We also get to see the Barden Bellas get in contact as they effort for world reputation at the worldwide a’ cappella competitors. Will they win or lose?

These new sections also existing Hailee Steinfeld as the new cause as she comes on school. We’re also taken on stage during the big competitors as the Bellas try to offer it their all. Also engaged in the latest film is toss associates Brittany Snowfall, Alexis Knapp, An – Hiking, Skylar Astin and Hana Mae Lee. Take a break from all the extremely characters july and get ready to be message slapped!

Parents need to know that Pitch Ideal 2 is the follow up to 2012’s word-of-mouth hit Pitch Ideal. Many of the celebrities from the first film — such as An – Kendrick, Insurgent Wilson, Brittany Snowfall, An – Hiking, Skylar Astin, and Adam Devine — reprise their positions as associates of the Barden Bellas and Trebelmakers. With most of the Bellas now in their mature season of higher education, the team chooses to get into an worldwide competitors — which functions well-known a cappella categories like Pentatonix, the Filharmonic, and Penn Masala — that no United states team has ever won. Be seeking some sex-related comedy and terminology in this musical show funny, but hopefully it will be just as teen-friendly as the exclusive.