Predestination’ Review


It took me a while well actually it took me forever to get around and watch this movie and I’m a bit disappointing…that I didn’t watch this sooner.

The story to Predestination is about a order to ensure his law enforcement career for all time, a temporal agent must navigate an intricate set of time-travel journeys. But his final assignment pits him against the one man who has eluded him in all times – but to protect his future, he will finally have to stop him.

The reason why I didn’t get around to seeing this is because I didn’t know nothing about it and I have seen different reviews by critics and YouTube Reviewers that didn’t make sound anything that interesting so I didn’t bother with it. When I was on the plane to New Zealand for a holiday you get those little TV’s in front of you that can play TV shows and movies and guest what was playing, yep this movie so I just thought “F**k it” and checked it out since it was a long flight and never again will I put a movie to the side, because Predestination is not just good it’s freaking great.

The directors of the movie Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig who did the 2010 film Day Breakers which by the way I thought was okay and in this movie the two directors did a great job telling a story with it’s twist and turns and keeping my interest till the end.

Ethan Hawke once again brings a great performance in this movie just like in every movie that he’s in and in this one there’s no difference.

Sarah Snook to me is a unknown star, I haven’t seen her in any other movies just this one and let me tell you that this actress needs to be in more stuff because Sarah Snook did an outstanding performance in this movie that most of the movie she carried it.

Some people may have predicted the ending to the film but I didn’t and I thought it was a really good twist, to those who disagree that’s fine but remember it could have been a stupid twist like in some movies today that try to have edge to it’s twist or it could have have been way to predictable. Just be grateful.

Now for problems and these not a lot but if I have to be nick pick I would say that the movie should have started with Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook character at the bar talking to each other, because if you have seen the movie you know how the movie starts with the big action but as I said before I would have liked it if it started with Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook character at the bar.

Besides that the movie overall is worth checking out. The writing was smart, the acting was all good and it may not get the attention that it deserves but it will one day.