Seventh Son



Seventh Son

The Bottom Line
Son of a dud.
Wednesday, Dec. 17 (in France); Feb. 6, 2015 (in U.S.)
Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander, Olivia Williams, Kit Harington
Director Sergei Bodrov

{adinserter 4} “I compensated decent cash for you,” statements Mark Bridges’ boozing, apparently English wizard seeker to his newest newbie in 7th Son, an effects-laden brave dream story created by Famous Images and instructed by European cineaste Sergei Bodrov (Prisoner of the Mountains).

The same can be said for this lengthy delayed and rather harmless mash-up of The Master of the Jewelry and Port the Massive Slayer (with a bit of Activity of Thrones thrown in), which requires an A-list group and throw — such as Julianne Moore wearing a dark feather outfit and related eye liner — and goes nowhere new with it, creating an investment plenty in VFX and places but not enough in an unique story anyone likes you about. Allocated in Italy in delayed Dec, where it’s likely to be cleaned from the display by The Hobbit, the Worldwide launch should see average figures when it strikes U.S. cinemas next Feb. Box workplace in Japan and Southern areas could help pay off some of the resources.
Based on the first guide in David Delaney’s The Wardstone Stories sequence — launched as The Spook’s Apprentice in the U.K. and as the more politically appropriate The Last Apprentice: Vengeance of the Witch in the Declares — the film also functions an amazing composing group, with He Greenberg (1408) managing story and Charles Leavitt (Blood Diamond) and Steven Soldier (Locke) discussing film script responsibilities.
But even these benefits can go only so far with this deja-vu monster, where two knights in combat fight wizards, ogres and other shape-shifting animals for management of a wooded empire that looks a lot like English Mexico (confirmed in the end credits). The excellent people are led by war-torn wino Expert Gregory — performed by Connects with a gobbled-up international feature, as if He Connery had packed his experience with crushed apples and tried to say factors like: “You reside in a globe where story and headache are actual.”


Gregory is helped in his responsibilities by a “seventh son of a seventh son” accomplice — a younger man created with prophetic thoughts of disaster. The first student is represented by Kit Harington, who looks like he came off the HBO set in his Jon Snowfall garb and somehow arrived here. When he’s easily discarded, Gregory discovers his next associate in Tom Keep (Ben Barnes of The Stories of Narnia), a innocent farmhand with much to understand about the dark causes, especially when he drops for a stunning enchantress (Swedish elegance Alicia Vikander, A Elegant Affair) increasing as a spy for the bad ladies.

It’s not difficult to see where this is major, with master and newbie becoming a member of arms after the regular incidents, gradually creating their way to the mountaintop lair of wicked king Mom Malkin (Moore), who has made the decision to release damage for no other obvious purpose than that Bridges’ personality thrown out her for his spouse a while back again. Discuss inspiration. Otherwise, the film holds some type of subtext about highly effective females being scorned in a globe of men, but that concept is never completely utilized by the filmmakers, who ask results genius David Dykstra (the unique Celebrity Wars) to bring much of the story bodyweight as he recipes out mythical beasts, warlocks and electronic animals in abundance.

{adinserter 4}Bodrov is best known for his Oscar-nominated dilemma Captive of the Hills, which he followed with worldwide activity movies such as Mongol: The Increase of Genghis Kahn. His design here is functional though hardly identifying, and nothing in the 7th Son really bursts off the display, with three acknowledged publishers stuffing everything into a nice 100 moments. It’s as if the film had joined Legendary’s set up range with some guarantee but then began blocking up the device, its launch delayed for nearly two decades due to postproduction problems and problems with then-partner Warner Bros.

What’s remaining is certainly viewable but far from unforgettable, and though a ending field results in factors start for a follow up, company facts may choose otherwise. If anything, the film provides up the accountable satisfaction of seeing Connects and Moore the multiple it out at the front side of plenty of natural displays and a few amazing Canada background objects — two excellent stars hammering at each other with miracle employees and bogus flame, trying to endure in the netherworld of brave kitsch.

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