Sex, Love & Therapy’ (‘Tu veux ou tu veux pas’) movie




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Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
Wednesday, Oct. 1 (in France)
Sophie Marceau, Meat Bruel
Tonie Marshall
Sophie Marceau (“LOL”) and Meat Bruel (“What’s in a Name?”) co-star in this newest loving crazy from writer-director Tonie Marshall (“Venus Beauty”)

You would think that the France have had enough of the saying that they’re a country of well-dressed, well-bred horndogs, but then comes Sex, Really like & Treatment (‘Tu veux ou tu veux pas’), a vaguely high-concept rom-com about two Function practicioners who are so passionate about getting into the bag with anyone they fulfill, they can’t ever get it on with each other. Hardly crazy despite a few reasonable one-liners beginning on, and hardly attractive despite an permanently younger Sophie Marceau (LOL) in the cause part, this newest attempt from distaff writer-director Tonie Marshall seems about as a clean as a condom that terminated sometime returning in the delayed 90s.

It was then that Marshall had a large hit with her salon-set girl movie, Venus Elegance, which presented Audrey Tautou to the community a few decades before Amelie. (It was also co-written by A Prophet home Jacques Audiard.) But since then the movie maker has definitely missing her pattern, with her last feature, 2008’s Off and Operating, taking in poor quality opinions and figures. And while the combination of sex and Sophie may attract regional viewers for its first-frame, it’s difficult to see this Warner Bros. Italy launch becoming a box workplace principal, while international presales will help provide it with a smooth increase in choose Western marketplaces.
After an cartoon headline series that functions, among other factors, a nipple area changing into a center, we’re presented to 40-something sex enthusiast, Judith (Marceau), who’s just been shot from her revenue executive job in Japan for resting with every individual men customer, though not with a females one. {adinserter 4}(That a sex enthusiast could be anything but hetero is something that seems to are available beyond Marshall’s worldview, which is restricted here to several directly and well-off white-colored individuals residing in large houses in the middle of London.)
Back in the Town of Lighting and shacked up with her dad (Andre Willms), Judith areas a job as a psycho therapist at a partners therapy medical middle, integrating up with Lambert (Patrick Bruel), a former Air Italy cause and well known butt chase who’s taken a vow of abstinence as a method for discover real pleasure. But when he recognizes Judith, who comes for perform the first day with only one factor on her thoughts, he easily goes “from six to midnight” (to quotation Failing to remember Debbie Marshall), incapable to focus on the job while doing all he can to neglect the limitless developments of his other reduce.
Admittedly, the concept is a fun one, even if Marshall and co-scribe Nicolas Mercier (Grand Depart) never describe how two inexperienced psychotherapists are able to exercise the profession together, providing up what’s generally ineffective guidance to a lot of sufferers who are introduced in every few moments for expected comedian comfort. What’s more, they provide us two figures whom are both too idiotic and too self-centered to spend money on, developing up a loving endeavors that few in the viewers can correspond with on any possible stage.
Marceau has certainly done some foolish factors over the course of her profession, which has lately contains several passable-to-forgettable initiatives (Quantum Really like, Happiness Never Comes Alone, Police arrest Me) serving her diminishing Gallic group of fans. But she does things here that may be beyond fix, such as an beginning field where Judith has an climax in the middle of the road when she pecks Lambert on the mouth, or another where she warrants her raw actions with the line: “I’m a person. With a vaginal area.” Or else there’s the field where she informs the child decades sob tale that created her a sex fiend, admitting at a bar to a man who’s absolutely clothed as a rabbit. Huh?

{adinserter 4}How Marshall believed she’d move fun out of this content is anyone’s think, and Bruel (What’s in a Name?) does little to help out, enjoying a charmless, middle-aged Pepe Le Pew who “refuses to have sex without love,” until he certainly drops off the chariot in a series where a lot of females desperately range up to shag Lambert in the bathing room of a night club, and then take selfies with him subsequently.
Beyond one or two excellent collections, along with a pun on former chief executive Nicolas Sarkozy’s “work more to create more” concept, there’s nothing else salvageable here, and that expands to TV-style technical attributes illustrating a absolutely White London which – like the film’s major several – has little to do with present facts. The France terminology phrase for this is “ringard,” which indicates unfashionable, though in the situation of Sex, Really like & Treatment, it’s more like unfathomable, and most certainly, unfunny.