The Disobeying Teacher


Southern South korea – On Oct 13, 2008, Seoul Urban Workplace of Knowledge Ministry (SMOE) required 6th graders and 9th graders to take the National Evaluation of Knowledge Improvement (NAEP) analyze. National, these learners took the same analyze on the same day. Before taking this analyze a few instructors from Seoul had written characters to the learners mother and father. The correspondence involved the impact that the NAEP has on learners and the academic system. It also described that they have the option to choose to take the analyze or substitute work-study. On the day of the analyze, the Seoul Urban Workplace of Knowledge Ministry (SMOE) removed seven instructors who were apart of the Japanese Teachers and Knowledge Works Partnership (KTU). The reason was that these teachers’ allowed the learners to take substitute work-study instead of the analyze. Disciplinary activity decided that these instructors did not follow the national plan as govt authorities. “The Disobeying Teachers” records the level of resistance from instructors against the unjust disciplinary activity, restoration battle to get their tasks back, and a history of successful their case

Genres : Documentary
Running Time : 97min
Country : South Korea
Language :
Original :
Production Status : Released
Release Date : May 14, 2015


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