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 Korean kids movies



Korean kids movies:
Colorful Crayon :

In a fairy-tale village inside of a colorful picture-book, there live Dingding the naughty crayon, Panny the exploration girl, Sead the believable cook, and charming Pow. When everybody is asleep at night… There unfolds a wonderful story of five friends in a picture-book. What kind of adventures will five friends face today?


1) Crayon: A mischievous boy who takes care of animals and a forest

2) Dingding: A timid yet smart fairy who sometimes farts

3) Panny: A dreamer who loves to explore and find treasure

4) Sead: An open-minded housekeeper who loves to cook and nurture

5) Pow: A cute but self-centered baby fairy

The animation begins with a question “What if characters inside of a fairy tale come to life?” that stimulates an imagination of children. Synergy Media created the series with a pop-up book effect. Children can learn colors by watching the animation.

Korean kids movies
Colorful Crayon

Korean kids movies:
Canimals :

Canimals is also known as we can do it. Canimals is south korean live action animated hybrid television series .

Main characters: 

  • Ato
  • Oz
  • Uly
  • Mimi
  • Pow
  • Fizzy
  • Toki
  • Nia
  • Leon

Written by : Stuart Kenworthy, Ian Carney

Korean kids movies


Korean kids movies:
Robocar Poli :

Robocar Poli is a south korean animated children’s television series.The series released its first episode on Educational Broadcasting System in 2011.

Main characters: 

  • Jin
  • Kevin and Doogie
  • Mr. Builder
  • Mr. Wheeler
  • Stacey
Korean kids movies
Robocar Poli

Korean kids movies:
Children of Heaven:

A temporary teacher order by principal to guide the problematic students. His intention is students are not facing the problems after the school. However, aiming at Seoul Students’ Club Festival, the students start to practice a musical performance. can their musical be success.

Directed by : PARK Heung-sik
Written by :  Park Heung-Sik, Choi A-Reum

Main characters: 

  • YOO Da-in
  • PARK Ji-bin
  • KIM Bo-ra
  • CHO Jeong-ho
  • KIM Do-yeon
  • YOON Sang-yoon
Korean kids movies
Children of Heaven


Korean kids movies:

Children is a 2011 south korean film based on true love story. In this five boys are went to mount Waryong to catch frogs but they were never return. After 11 years police discover the bodies of the 5 children and television producer solve the mystery.

Directed by : Lee Kyoo-Man
Written by : Lee Hyeon-jin,Lee Kyu-man

Main characters: 

  • Park Yong-woo
  • Ryu Seung-ryong
  • Sung Dong-il
  • Sung Ji-ru
  • Kim Yeo-jin


Korean kids movies


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