Ulavacharu Biriyani


Story: Kalidas (Prakash), 45, is an archeologist who likes his meals. A 36-year-old dubbing specialist Gauri (Sneha) goes into his lifestyle thanks to a misdialed telephone contact. The two create an unlikely cellphone relationship that requires a loving convert before they recognize it. But on the day of the conference, center age worries appear and they deliver in proxy servers, resulting in an surprising perspective in the story.

Movie Review: You know there is something incorrect when the silly chemical make up between the nephew and kid sis of the protagonists changes out to be more captivating than the main really like story – an unusual loving endeavors between a middle-aged bachelor’s and an out-of-sorts not-so-young woman who’s given up wish of discovering her man. Then, the most hilarious minutes in the movie come from the silly wisecracks of the dad (MS Narayana) of the personality. Consequently, what could have preferably been a heart-warming loving endeavors finishes up as an random funny of mistakes.

The movie sure has its discuss of minutes nevertheless. A slurp resulting in ten-minute starting series including montage of delicious of close-up photos of Southern Native indian unique treats – bhajjis, idly, pickle, jalebis, apples and the performs – with Kailash Kher’s raspy speech in background Ee janmame ruchi choodadaaniki dorikera…(loosely translatable as: this lifestyle is intended to discover tastes) results in your tastebuds prickling. The digicam dishes in from behind onto a man coming back from a morning hours move with his sweating clothing saturated wet following him into his kitchen.

We are presented to the dad, who pipes a container of sodium to be aware of a contact variety incapable to discover a pen absent-mindedly nestled behind his earlobe. But what pisses off Kaali is that his dad dropped his simple hand in the upma on the oven, making enough clues for the audience to determine that the show is a metaphor for a house that’s bereft of the ladies contact.

Our man is a despairing lover of meals. One day when he goes to see a new fiance he profits at house with their prepare instead, having liked the masala wada provided to him. His lifestyle requires a convert soon after his nephew comes to look for a job in the town thanks to a incorrect variety. Gauri, a dubbing specialist, phone calls him unintentionally and purchases a Kutti Dosa.

An uncomfortable cellphone loving endeavors advances between the two. Initiates fly when Kaalidas flows her out a complicated formula laced with an exciting story from the First World War. Those who’ve seen the unique Malayalam edition might just estimate that this particular field was better created in the unique. Remakes, by standard hardly ever ever increase above genuine.



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When the day of the conference comes, both create cool legs the last moment and as a outcome Kaalidas’s nephew finishes up conference Gauri’s sis and thus starts a funny of mistakes. One does get the impact that an important component is losing in this rebuilding that seems to have missing some of its unique miracle as the movie maker tried to customize it to the Telugu scheme.

For beginners, the loving endeavors between the main figures look a little too pressured. Prakash Raj might just have gone over the top with his expression of a obsessive 46-year-old bachelor’s. His efficiency does not have that moderate nuance. Having seen him use identical idiosyncrasies for other unforgettable villainous and other figures he performed in plenty of Telugu movies, it becomes hard to empathise with the personality. Sneha is effective as this individual woman who can’t discover a appropriate coordinate, but it’s a efficiency that also does not have that something unique.

Funnily enough, the assistance throw of Tejas and Samyukta handle to work up a more captivating chemical make up. Samyukta has a dazzling display existence and Tejas enhances her. Songs by Ilayaraja though enjoyable brings up more appreciation for the past of all his hit music of the 80’s and 90’s rather than emphasize the events on-screen.