Veeruduokkade 2014


The movie moves around the lifestyle of Ajith and his four bros. Ajith is like the godfather for the young ones as they reduce their mother and dad during child years itself. Ajith is a staunch bachelor’s and is firm and assured about not planning a wedding. He is a hard-working individual and is simple until something goes incorrect. He forfeit all his pleasure to keep his bros satisfied. The best aspect is that, Ajith even doesn’t motivate his bros to get wedded. Close relatives members lifestyles a magnificent lifestyle set up in a town background. Tamannah walking into the the tale after a while and Ajith’s bros do every possible dilemma to get the duo nearer to each other. Ajith also has a individual fascination to Tamannah but never shows it until the last time. Santhanam performs the aspect of a lawful consultant of Ajith’s family members and his funny paths combination in fairly well with the movie. Ajith also shows a lot of comedy in the movie.


Tamannah’s family members considers in a relaxing lifestyle and Nassar performs the aspect of Tamannah’s dad. In a little debate that happens, Tamannah gets to know that Ajith is not a smooth guy actually. Instead, he is a challenging individual who had gone through lot of activity in lifestyle but all of them for the right cause. Liven starts in the second 50 percent !!! Does Ajith modify his personality for his really like ? Will Tamannah agree to Ajith after understanding the fact ? Does Ajith’s bros get wedded or not ? is all formed up well in the second 50 percent.

Analysis :

The town backdrp of the movie is proven in a very organic way. Cinematographer Vetri has done a fantastic job in displaying every specialist at their best. Ajith looks incredibly raw and that credit score also goes to the digicam man. The set of the movie has no faults at all. The songs are one aspect that drops off synchronize. The movie moves in a town but the songs are all quite peppy and most places are overseas. It doesn’t really coordinate well.

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Veerudokkade Movie Evaluation : Ajith Veerudokkade Telugu Movie Evaluation, Ajith Veerudokkade Movie Community Talk? Let’s Examine out Veerudokkade Movie Review

Veerudokkade Evaluation :

‘Veerudokkade’ is the known as edition of Tamil Smash hit movie ‘Veeram’ featuring Greatest Celebrity Ajith Kumar and Tamannah on the cause positions. The movie launch on Shankaranthi this season in Tamil and packaged large income at the box workplace. Company in Telugu needs to be seen after a short time. Here is the overview of ‘Veerudokkade’

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