‘We Are Still Here’


‘We Are Still Here’: Film Review

Development: Snowfort Pictures, Dark Sky Films
Cast: Barbara Crampton, Andrew Sensenig, Larry Fessenden, Lisa Marie, Monte Markham, Susan Gibeny, Michael Patrick, Kelsea Dakota
Movie director/screenwriter: Ted Geoghegan
Maker: Travis Stevens
Management producers: Malik B. Ali, Badie Ali, Hamza Ali, Greg Newman
Director of digital photography: Karim Hussain
Production designer: Marcella Brennan
Publishers: Aaron Crozier, Josh Ethier
Costume designer: John Houston
Composer: Wojciech Golczewski
Not rated, 84 min.

Scary lovers will have a area day with Ted Geoghegan’s vintage haunted-house thriller presenting a throw of category experts and nostalgically remembering such conspiracy oldies as The Home by the Graveyard and numerous others. This low-budget first appearance function has its pacing problems, and the consequences are totally of the goofy wide range, but it provides enough authentic frightens to make it thoroughly pleasant, especially if seen at a drive-in on a hot summer months night. And unique items for the launching of 79-year-old S5620 Markham in a part in which the expert personality acting professional truly basins his tooth.


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